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December 25, 2003

6th Nobel Pauling Biotech Symposium

Organizer: Student Vision (
Sponsors: Serono, LRIG, Hypromatrix, Open Biosystems & ActoKine Therapeutics

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Grace Wong, PhD ActoKine Therapeutics
Gene Induction by Cytokines: comparison of Oligo and cDNA microarray
James Wang, PhD Hypromatrix
Antibody Arrays for New Drug Discovery
Maggie Zhang, PhD, Schering-Plough
Development from basic research to clinical trial
Wei Tang PhD, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
Interaction of CD147 and caveolin-1 in RAFTs
Sunkwei Huang, PhD ActivBiotics
Drug Discovery Research at ActivBiotics, Cambridge
Juan Ruiz, PhD, MBA Transkaryotic Therapies (TKTX)
Implantation of Non-Viral Ex Vivo Genetically Modified Autologous Dermal Fibroblasts that Express B-Domain Deleted Human Factor VIII in 12 Severe Hemophilia A Subjects
Irene Bosch, PhD UMASS Medical School
Gene Profiling in virus-infected cells
Jeremy Zucker PhD, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
How to debug a bug? Constraint-based analysis of a bioinformatics pipeline for constructing genome-scale models of metabolism
Pavel Hradecky, PhD Harvard University
MIT European Club and Career Fair: "Home Away From Home", Networking and Science/Technology Career Development
Panel Discussion:
Academia vs. Biotech Industry: Secret of Success in Biotechnology
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The goal of Nobel Pauling Biotech Symposium is to offer opportunities for life-long learners to share cutting-edge biotechnologies and to network with scientific leaders and decision-makers one-on-one.

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